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Our Mission Statement 

To provide, as a performing arts organization and drum corps, musical education and marching arts to people of all ages, of any race, religion or national origin, any gender, and of any walk of life.

To provide members and their families a safe and enjoyable environment to entertain with music and socialize.

To instill pride, self-esteem and teamwork into all members, which they can pass on to their communities and families.

To perform in parades and similar performances in order to highlight the contributions of Volunteer Fire Departments, honor our veterans, and enhance the quality of life in communities across the Greater New York metropolitan area.  

For more information how you can become a member of our family, visit our Contact Page.

About The Tarrytown Vets

Parade bystanders always know when The Tarrytown Vets are coming down the road as their thunderous street beat can be heard from a distance, soon followed by the sharp red and black uniforms they have donned since the 1930's.  "The Red Coats" are coming!

The Drum Corps has won its share of awards over the years - and have recently been Hudson Valley Champs in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.