1. Marching; Do I need to know how to march?  
    No prior marching experience is required. Our marching and maneuvers are not complicated, and are taught in the last few rehearsals before the start of the season.   The length of parades are usually between 1 and 2 miles.  
  2. What is the compensation / How much does it cost?  
    We Are An All Volunteer Corps.  
    The Tarrytown Vets is an all-volunteer corps. Our members are not paid, but neither do we assess dues on our members.  
    We want membership to be free and not pay-to-play. The fees we earn from our clients for parades fund the organization’s expenses for equipment, operations, travel, administration, and social events.   
    If you are a youth who needs to perform community service hours for school or scouting, we can talk with your service coordinator about whether parade service would be acceptable toward your qualification. 
  3. Why do people join the Corps?    
    Our members respond:  
    “I enjoy playing music for fun and meeting new people.”   
    “I have family members who are veterans and firefighters, and I march to honor them and show love for our country.”   
    “I played music in school. After graduation I started working and was not sure what I was going to do with my music. Joining the Tarrytown Vets was a way I could continue playing and having fun with my music.”   
    “I was new to the area and looking for a fun activity in which I could network and meet new people in the community.”   
    “I am a parent who enjoyed marching when I was younger, and marching with the Vets is an activity I can share with my children and pass on the tradition to them.”  
    “I am a hard-working parent who needs a night out in the summertime!”  
    “I am a teenager who needs a night out in the summertime!”  
    “My friends were marching with the corps and invited me to hang out with them after the parade. After a few parades they convinced me to join.”   
    “I have a family member in the fire department, and after watching him march from the sidelines in countless parades, I decided to join the Vets so I could march too.” 
  4. Why should music educators and students be interested in the Tarrytown Vets Drum & Bugle Corps?  
    Confidence is the result of thorough preparation and repeated successful performances. Most high school music programs offer only a few performance opportunities in an academic year. The Tarrytown Vets rehearse weekly for four months and offer over a dozen low-stakes performance opportunities in a single summer.  Students who join the Tarrytown Vets will learn how to maintain their focus during a performance and overcome the typical challenges and distractions that come with playing music on the march. 

Read more about the composition of the Corps; What makes up The Tarrytown Vets Drum & Bugle Corps?  We have a Color Guard, Horn Line and Drum Line ... check it out!  Also for a higher level overview read about our Mission, Vision, and Values.

We also have an FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us if you're looking for an answer and can't find it.