Experience is helpful but not necessary. Contact us today to learn more about membership and how to join!

Our membership draws widely from Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, and Fairfield counties in the Lower Hudson Valley.  

Membership is open to those 16 years of age or older. Youth aged 13-15 years may join if accompanied by a parent. Family membership is encouraged.  Don’t play an instrument? There are roles for non–instrument playing family members which contribute greatly to the corp’s success.  Most of our members are not veterans, and you do not have to be a veteran to join our corps.

Color Guard

The Tarrytown Vets Drum & Bugle Corps - Color Guard

Color Guard members carry a flag, saber, baton, or an inoperable replica rifle. The color guard marches and presents arms with precision. They direct the movement of the corps on the street.

Drum Line

The Tarrytown Vets Drum & Bugle Corps - Drum Line

We field snare drums, bass drums, and glockenspiels (bells). Some experience with playing drums or other musical instruments is helpful. Drummers with little to no experience have started on bass drum and worked their way up to snare drum. We provide all equipment. The ability to read music is helpful but not necessary. Some of our members do not read music and learn by rote, by playing along in rehearsal or with recordings. Drum-line members must be able to perform music from memory, and we will help you get there.

Horn Line

The Tarrytown Vets Drum & Bugle Corps - Horn Line

We are a G bugle corps that fields soprano, mellophone, baritone, and contrabass bugles in the key of G that are comparable to trumpets, baritones/trombones, and tubas in the key of B-flat and C, common in high school concert bands. Our sheet music/fingerings for G bugles read the same as for B-flat or C horns. A G bugle sounds a third interval lower than a B-flat trumpet, but we play in the same range by utilizing the higher range of the G bugle. We provide sheet music, instruments, and instruction. If you prefer to play your B-flat or C instrument, there are accommodations that can be made.  Trombones are welcome. Some experience playing a horn and reading music is necessary. The horn line aims to perform music from memory, but some members of the horn line march with printed music, and that’s OK.